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The village is located on the southern side of Csepel Island and can be reached by the suburban train from Közvágóhíd in Budapest or by bus service or car in about an hour.  The surroundings of the village are Szigetcsép, Ráckeve and the Danube.

Szigetszentmárton Local Government: Telkes str. 10. 2318 Szigetszentmárton
Tel.: (24) 456-312, Fax: (24) 456-325

Szigetszentmárton belongs to the ancient settlements in the region. In written form it was first mentioned by King (Kun) László IV in a document from 1285. In the medieval era the village had the same rank as Csepel, Tököl or Ráckeve. In 1546, 46 tax-paying families lived here. Because of a fire and the Turkish rule the village almost entirely lost its population in the 16th century and thus Eugene of Savoya, the landowner, and Mária Terézia some German settlers settled down. Until 1848 the village was a part of the Ráckeve dominium. The population in 1910 included 1069 inhabitants, 1065 of that were German, and 4 Hungarian. The population in 2003 was 1900 inhabitants, but with the vacationers it can reach 7000 per year.