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Tourinform Ráckeve is a non-profit information and marketing agency for tourism of the city of Ráckeve and its region on Csepel Island.

With almost 120 members, the Tourinform network supports domestic and foreign tourists with up-to-date and extensive references.


We graciously await you in our agency:

Address: 2300 Ráckeve, Eötvös street 1.
Telephone: 06 24/ 429-747
Fax: 06 24/ 429-747

What is Tourinform about?

With a well-known symbol recognised domestically and abroad, Tourinform awaits you in almost 120 destinations in Hungary, with general and tourist attraction information about towns, areas, regions and the entire country.  The agency provides information in Hungarian and in foreign languages about accommodations, restaurants, traffic, programmes, places of interest, and tourist services.  The Tourinform offices provide free tourist brochures and sell maps, guidebooks, tourist cards, and postcards.  It is also possible to buy tickets for various programmes, or book local tourist programmes or accommodations.

Our services

Information for tourists

Information for tourists
            - about sights, accommodations, restaurants and programmes in Ráckeve and its
            - about our country's attractive landscapes, almost every accommodation around the
              country, the prestigious programmes and other tourist services.

Free brochures about Hungary’s most beautiful attractions
Informational maps
Travel guide mediation
Ticket sales for most of the country’s programmes


Our brochures

Program offerings throughout the year
Ráckeve Sightseeing
Csepel Island and the Ráckeve-Danube branch
Accommodations and restaurants in Ráckeve
Map of Ráckeve
Other brochures about the neighbourhood
Magyar Turizmus ZRt. central brochures




Opening hours

High season: Monday - Friday Saturday - Sunday
June 15. – August 31. 9.00 am - 17.00 pm 10.00 am - 17.00 pm
Off season: Monday - Friday Saturday - Sunday
September 1. - June 14. 8.00 am - 16.00 pm --