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The village is located in the centre of Csepel Island. It is surrounded by the main Danube branch, Szigetcsép, Szigetszentmárton and Ráckeve. It can be reached from Budapest on the M0 highway by car or with public transport by the suburban train or by bus. There is a ferry between Ercsi and Szigetújfalu.

Szigetújfalu Local Government: Fő str. 45. 2319 Szigetújfalu
Tel.: (24) 464-452, 464-204, Fax: (24) 464-452

The name of Szigetújfalu hints that it was established later than the neighbour villages (újfalu means “new village”). Historical artifacts were found in the region from the bronze-era, confirming that this area was also occupied earlier. The village was first mentioned in a document from 1303. The village at the time of the Turkish rule was inhabited but because of the high taxes the population decreased. After the expulsion of the Turks, Serbian people settled down here. German settlers came here after prince Eugene of Savoya bought this land in the 17th century.
The partner village of Szigetújfalu is Waghäusel in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The partner village built a hostel for 28 people here. When the water level of the Danube is low, the ruins of a monastery can be seen from the 12th century. The founder of the monastery is buried here.
The huge forest that surrounds the village is beautiful, especially in the springtime.